Pointalism in Watercolour

Pointillism describes a technique in which hundreds of small dots or dashes of pure colour are applied to the canvas in order to create maximum luminosity. Colour spots are blended into a range of tones. The dots of colour give a richer and more subtle effect then can be achieved by conventional techniques. George Seuart … Read more

Moody Landscapes with Acrylic

Moody landscape

Caroline Marsland, Dupont instructor,  started this painting using a fluid wash of acrylic with watercolour techniques, . Using these light washes gives luminosity to the sky which is painted with cobalt blue. You don’t get this affect with thick paint. Caroline added a yellow red mix with the blue on top for the sky, blending … Read more

Timed sketches

TIMED SKETCHES (1 minute/5 minutes/15 minutes). Caroline used charcoal and pastel paper. Pastel paper gets the best from charcoal as it has more ‘tooth’ giving stronger tonal values. Why timed sketches? The time limitation makes you really look. Concentrate on the line. Look at shapes, the major shapes, and corresponding shadows. Time restriction limits being … Read more

Paint like Picasso

#Caroline showed Various works done by Picasso to show the different stages of his work. Initially Picasso was traditional in his portraiture.Eyes to  direct to the viewer and skin colour was authentic. The second image shows he is starting to play with colour (NB the colour wheel was invented in 1850) Picasso would have studied … Read more