Ripples and Reflections with Coloured Pencils

Caroline often starts in the middle of the picture and works out. The dark/light contrast attracted her so that was where she started drawing the buildings, measuring shapes in comparison with others. She drew with a 4B pencil but normally would choose a 7B. She hold the pencil from the end( the back)

to get more movement. The shadows were drawn in blacks and grays in cross hatching to darken.

Caroline said that the best pencils were polychrome and Albert Durer. The cheaper ones had lighter pigment. She recommended putting on the colour in a similar way to when using pastels. One can purchase the blender and burnished pencils to assist.

With the colours, she blended colour to achieve the correct tone. With the yellow, she swirls green lightly over top to blend. Her black was not deep enough so she added dark green and red blending in. Also red and blue were used in another area. One can see hints of colour underneath. It is imprtant to make the marks in the direction of the ripples using swirls for the bushes. You can only add so much colour before the area is saturated.


Filling in the shadows and starting with the colours pencils
Drawing in the image
Drawing in the image