Oil Pastels with Flowers

Caroline started off the demo showing us the two types of oil pastels that she was using. The first was Fabrer Castell which she used to draw in the shape of the flower in white pastel on a black background. These pastels are cheaper to buy and don’t fill in the colour effectively.. The second was Sennelier. These oil pastels are very soft and buttery with high pigment which covers the surface very well.. She often uses SeaWhite brown papers for her pastels. 

After drawing the shape of the flower she filled in from the outside towards the center with white showing texture. Pink and red were added. She used her fingers to blend.adding yellow at the base.She uses pale blue as shadows.She used cool and warm greens veridian and emerald, in the background. She finishes with details drawn in using dark browns and reds.

As oil pastels never dry completely, they need to be framed behind glass.