Still life Drawing, shapes, colour , tone.

The still life painting started out with mapping out the shape. A line was drawn down the middle of the page after which the shape of the jug was drawen. Shadows and reflections were then painted in black with mixes of blue.Big brushes were used to add layers of shadow colors.Once the correct shape and position of the still life has been finalised, 3 shades of the main colour we’re mixed ready for the shadows and lights to be defined In light, medium and dark.remember red helps to dull colour down. An optical hit was given using another colour from a reflection. Orange works well with the. Blue. It is good to squint as it helps pick out the light and dark Which need highlighting to bring out a 3D effect. Reflections in shadows helps place the object and add interest. It is good to blend the colours while the paint is wet on the canvas. Keep squinting adding dashes of white with a rigger brush and slightly blending the paint. The ‘shine’ will draw the eye to the key areas you want to emphasise. Don’t forget the back drop, reflections, shine as it all adds to the 3D effect, Keep looking ,sitting back and checking to make sure you pick out the key light and dark areas.

Still Life

finished painting of the jug.

Jug shap and shadows
Painting over shadows
Still Life