Paint like Picasso

#Caroline showed Various works done by Picasso to show the different stages of his work. Initially Picasso was traditional in his portraiture.Eyes to  direct to the viewer and skin colour was authentic.

The second image shows he is starting to play with colour (NB the colour wheel was invented in 1850) Picasso would have studied colour theory.. He began to use the method of outlying in black to bring objects forward.


The next image is of a girlfriend and shows him moving aspects of the face, playing, looking at angles and probably walking around her. He sought to make colours harmonious making the background ‘warmer’ which brings the chosen and principle colours forward.



Picasso is now exploring shape and form. he begins to distort the image for effect and also produces images which have an emotional impact.


The next two images of Picasso’s work are perhaps more playful or extreme in the sense they seeks to portray character or the painters view of the person being painted. The face is further distorted showing the person’s character or the painter’s reaction to the person.




Caroline then found an image of a woman and cat and altered it  to be a representation of how Picasso might have worked.

The pallet of colours was -green, yellow ochre, red, blue and blue and purple to make black.

Initially she painted the face white. She then concentrated on the nose, painting it red and made it into a representable shape.She simplified the shape, Blue for eyes (just one) and started to look to form patterns. She outlined the shapes with black, enclosing shapes. She also added details such in eyes and teeth. the aim was to be playful and reduce the image to a series of shapes.

Picasso worked on his paintings over days, months and even years where the image would have been refined or changed. He didn’t get bogged down with details.