Moody Landscapes with Acrylic

Caroline Marsland, Dupont instructor,  started this painting using a fluid wash of acrylic with watercolour techniques, . Using these light washes gives luminosity to the sky which is painted with cobalt blue. You don’t get this affect with thick paint.

Caroline added a yellow red mix with the blue on top for the sky, blending the colours. She then added the trees in pale grey  over the luminous sky and darken the gray of the trees on the second layer trees to bring them forward. She dabbed down on her brush to add foliage. These sky reflections were painted in  the pool and surrounding areas. She uses water to drip and blend these reflections.

The snow was painted in white with a yellow and orange tinge in the water  plus white with blue in other snowy  areas, She tapped around the waters edge to give the snow texture.

Trees were put in with a rigger, dragging the trunks shapes up, and the tops are added with tapping a brush to indicate foliage again. The small buildings are painted in with their snowy white roofs.