Water Colour Portraits 4th August 2016

Stephanie Butler Watercolour Portrait Demo 4th August 2016 Last Thursday the club arranged a demonstration by Stephanie, using watercolour for portraiture, which was very well attended. Stephanie advises using a palette of 6-7 basic colours, listed below: Aureolin, permanent rose, cerulean, cobalt, ultramarine, burnt sienna, permanent rose. Stephanie starts with a very faint drawing of … Read more

Using Resins in Art – A Demonstration

  On Wednesday, July 27th members of the Dupont Art Club were treated to a demonstration on the artistic use of resins by Aram Friedrich and Rob Jenkins of Eli-Chem Resins U.K. Aram explained that 95 percent of their business was industrial and 5 percent was for artistic purposes. They have excellent demonstrations on their … Read more

Seas Demo July 20th

Caroline showed a number of images from the work of Kurt Jackson among others, drawing attention to his techniques of painting the sea in stripes with a thin stripe on the horizon, and his use of “splattering”. As Caroline started to paint, she said that the horizon often disappears. The focus should be on either … Read more

Painting Rocks Demo June 22nd

Painting Rocks Demo 22nd June   Caroline showed several photos from her sketchbook. Make dark and shadow shapes first, and then washes of colour after light. You can use sandpaper on the rock for surface (NB Put shapes in first with a light pencil). She mixes gouache with the watercolour to make some colours more … Read more

Presentation & Pricing of Pictures for an Exhibition.

As we have our exhibition coming up, we have decided to add an extra lecture/demo by Caroline Marsland at our regular class on July 13,  Wednesday afternoon at 130. it will be on presentation and pricing of pictures for an exhibition. All Members are invited to join the Wednesday class if they like and stay to … Read more

Composition and Simplification

Our Wednesday. June 8th Dupont class lecture  with Caroline Marsland covered composition and simplification. It was an excellent class for all levels of artist. Some of the main points she covered were as followed: Decide early on what it is you wish to express in your picture and centre your design around this. Paint with … Read more

Hashim Akib Demonstration Review

Recently a number of Dupont members attended an acrylic painting demonstration by well known artist Hashim Akib. Demonstration in Acrylics by Hashim Akib at St Helen’s Hall, Hangleton August 22nd 2015 Hashim Akib commenced the demonstration by showing us his preferred paints. He uses Daler Rowney System 3, heavy body colours from large tubes, which … Read more

Big Picture Painted

Over twenty artists from Dupont painted their way through Samuel Spencer’s ‘The Resurrection of Cookham’ on May 29th at Ventnor Hall. When we first gazed at this picture, it was hard to keep track of who was raising out of which gravestone but after study, you could see what a humerous  and technically painted piece … Read more

Painting In the Garden

A few brave souls joined Judy Alexander in her back garden for an afternoon of painting. With all of the spring flowers in bloom, it was a chance to hone ones skills with plein aire painting. The cakes and tea were welcomed after  as the wind was brisk and cool.