Still Life in Charcoal Demo by Caroline Marsland 6th. March 19

Before starting the drawing, Caroline gave a few tips on working in charcoal:   Sandpaper the paper for dramatic marks   Use good textured paper   Think … Where are my darkest shadows going to be?   WORK BIG! Blocking in very lightly, Caroline sketched out the group of bottles. Using light strokes to plot … Read more

Life Drawing Domonstration

Life Drawing On March 1st Dupont art instructor, Caroline Marsland gave us a lecture and demonstration on life drawing. She started out by advising us that we need to decide at the beginning what we want to say in the picture. We can be accurate, want to accentuate certain features, show certain emotions, etc. She … Read more

Mixed Media Demonstration

Caroline Marsland demonstrated the use of mixed media to the Dupont Art Club  class on January 18th, 2017 It is important to chose the media to match the painting. Layering is the key to mixed media. She pointed out that almost anything can be used in a this type of painting. Suggestions for the first … Read more