Seas Demo July 20th

Caroline showed a number of images from the work of Kurt Jackson among others, drawing attention to his techniques of painting the sea in stripes with a thin stripe on the horizon, and his use of “splattering”.

As Caroline started to paint, she said that the horizon often disappears. The focus should be on either a bland sky and detailed sea or vice-versa. There is no need to to go into every wave and foam, just think about the atmosphere.

Colours used were ultramarine mixed with phthalo green, a line of white under that, followed by blue. Put on a mid-tone first, moving the brush from side to side. Colours go paler and more yellow the nearer to shore.

Waves: Save the whitest areas of paper for foam. Use pale green for the waves and work in white over the green. Use runny white for splattering.

.Sea 1 (2) Sea 2 (2) Sea 3 (2) Sea4 (2)