Some Useful Hints on Framing

Caroline gave a helpful talk on preparing your painting for the annual show.

It’s a good idea to finish off the back of the painting using gum tape and parcel paper to cover up all the fixings and make your painting look more professional


Please note that all pictures ( apart from canvasses) should be finished by using D rings or eye rings and then strung with sturdy nylon string or wire to make sure your painting will hang securely for many years.

It is possible to buy 100 D rings from Amazon for as little as £7 or £8.

Caroline manages to pick up nylon string at boot sales very cheaply and will get some for you if you ask.

Reasonably priced frames can also be found at Asda at Hollingdean.

You could also consider picking up used frames from antique shops or even charity shops. You can easily repair any chips or gouges by using wood filler ( also available at Asda ) and then once it has fully dried sand it down and paint it.

You can use any paint of your choice but chalk paint works very well, and looks great after you have waxed it.


When deciding what frame would best complement your painting, take into account


1 Colour.  Use a colour that appears in your work to bring it out


2 Texture.  Use a texture that enhances the style of your piece


3 Topic.  Use a frame which is in keeping with your theme


4 Size.  You should try out different sizes to see which gives your work most impact – you may want to use mounts which can themselves be in different colours.


As a basic rule plain neutral colours are popular or simply plain black.


Pricing: Cost out your materials, paint,canvas  brushes etc and then take into account how long the work took to complete. Although you should never undervalue your work, you can’t really go mad here otherwise you won’t get any interest in it. The club has set a minimum price of £35, but no maximum. Lastly, if you want to secure a prime spot in the venue, volunteer to be on the hanging committee!

Many thanks to Lesley McBride, who provided the notes and images.