Painting with Ink and Bleach with a dash of Watercolor

Ink and Bleach with a dash of Watercolour

Supplies; thick bleach, Quink black Ink, brushes, watercolour paper, watercolours. Containers for water, thick bleach and weak bleach( half bleach half water). Indian Ink doesn’t shift as much as quink ink

You must think about  health and safety using bleach so use  latex gloves, safety glasses if needed to protect your eyes, and a mask.

Caroline started out with painting the watercolour paper with the quink ink and letting it dry.



Using the weak bleach mixture she slowly drew the shapes of the peaches. Going light will come later. Not all the ink will be eventually be removed and will leave a lovely texture.  Some inks will leave a brown or blue color when bleached.



Lots of different brush strokes gave a lovely texture. 


Finally she used the strong bleach to really lighten the paper. She went back and forth to with the strong and weak bleach making lines on the table. 

Lastly she added thin layers of red and orange watercolour to the fruit and the shadows. 


In addition, you can add fine lines with a pen, and use water and wipe do  Enjoy this process and play!