Watercolour Landscape Techniques

Watercolour Landscape Techniques

Our instructor Caroline Marsland leads us through a demo every other Wednesday at the Dupont Art Club. This week she gave a demonstration on how to paint a loose, different landscape.
Materials used: Watercolour paper, salt, clingfilm, candle Wax, scratching materials, various paintbrushes.
She started our drawing out white areas with candle wax which blocked out the background.

She proceeded to paint in the landscape background with watery watercolour which she covered in clingfilm. She crunched it up once laying it down on the wet watercolour. In other areas she painted in watercolour and added course and fine salt. These were all left to dry.

Once dry, the cling film was removed along with brushing off the salt crystals. She splattered back into some areas and scratched back into others.These techniques have left the watercolour mottled.
She painted detail back into smudged areas and added more darkened areas to bring out the lighter areas.

Enjoy playing with ease techniques.

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