Using Wax Resist

On November 9th, 2016 instructor Caroline Marsland gave us a demo on how to use wax resist in our paintings.

Caroline used small birthday type candles for this with watercolour paint on paper. It didn’t matter the colour of the candles as they appeared to be clear on the paper. She chose to show us the use with a landscape of the sea and shore. She started off with doing a light pencil drawing of the scene including the layers of waves. She then used the small candle to draw in random areas to be high lighted and left white although she said that one could use this method over a painted area if that was what you wanted preserved. Once the tops of the wave layers were drawn in, the went to work painting in the waves with various colours of blues and greens with the cool colours in the background and warmer coming forward. She used a lovely squirrel hair brush, 10 flat pro art which gave her the ability to do fine detail. She mentioned that one could splatter over the scene as well.

Another fine demo for our Dupont members. Come join us if you like. img_4246 img_4247

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