Pastel Demonstation and lecture

On August 3rd art instructor Judy Martin gave Dupont art club a demonstration and talk on the use of pastels.

One of the areas she clarified was about the rubbing in of the pastels into the paper. If one wishes to have a traditional result such as was given in the 18th century, rubbing in the pastel is used. For a more contemporary impressionist looks, rubbing in is not used,. Instead layering the colors is used.

Judy started her picture of herons by blocking in the shapes and colors. Do this before you start any detail work. to erase areas, she tapped it with a brush. You can also blow off the spray as a certain amount of contamination occurs during the drawing, You can cover the area to erased by adding the background color. She does not use spray on her finished pieces and mentioned that given a couple of days to rest, a certain amount of setting in occurs.

She tends to use a semi art pastel made by Derwent. The softer pastels often crumble as there is little fill in them. The hard pastels are used in the pencils.

Remember to step away from your art to see where areas need to be corrected.

All in all, it was an excellent lecture and demonstration on the use of chalk pastels.

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