Painting Trees Demo June 22nd

Instructor Caroline Marsland’ demo and lecture for Dupont members was on painting trees and rocks.

She started with a distant landscape which had a light tree top shaped wash on the horizon, a touch of darker tree shapes , a light blue into the sky and a lighter yellow in the foreground.
Next she demonstrated a tree starting with a light wash tree shape with gaps, mid-tone followed(on wet-blurred, on dry, hard lines). finally a dark tone which showed the direction of the light source by painting the darkest on the opposite side from the light.
Tree trunks were done with a scoring of the paper with a sharp point following the shape of the trunk. Further scoring can be done with sandpaper to give a bark like texture. Add washes.  One can also draw horizontal lines down the trunk and put a wash over.
She referred us to David Curtis’s book and paintings.IMG_2332 (1) IMG_2330 IMG_2333 IMG_2335 (1)

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