Drawing, The basic skill for good art.

Our first demonstration in 2022 was about drawing. This skill is essential to make good art. The more you look at an object the more you get to know it so it is very good to sketch first before proceeding with the finished piece.
Draw what you see not what you think is there. Squinting will help you to do this. You should start drawing the main shape and ignore the details. Start in the middle of the object and work out. You start this by lightly sketching the shape with pencil. Once you are happy with the accuracy, darker lines can be applied. You can estimate the angles of your object using your pencil. By drawing a line down the middle of your drawing you can paste dots on the outer edges of the object . To ensure that it is vertical place the pencil along the edge of both sides of your paper to ensure that your drawing is vertical.
Once you have your drawing underway look at the shapes in between your lines which are referred to as  negative shapes. This can help with the accuracy.
When you draw still life, draw the nearest object first and then follow with what is behind.
Continue to draw in order to improve your drawing skills and enjoy. .Practice, practice, practice!
Sketching from light to dark with center line.
pencil strokes from light to dark
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Dupont Art Club Starts 2022 in January!

Dupont art Club will begin the 2022 season on January 5th (1:30pm) and January 6th (10:00 am). Caroline will be starting the Wednesday class with a Drawing Skills demo. Drawing with a live model will start on the Thursday.

New members are welcome. Just come along to Ventnor Hall on Blatchington Road and George Street, Hove. Everyone must wear a mask

Hope to see you in 2022!!

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Geli Pad Workshop

On November 18th twelve Dupont members attended a Dupont Art Club workshop taught by Seana Mallen on Geli Pad Art.

She introduced the supplies being used including two sizes of geli pads, acrylic paints, rollers, and many types of papers including old maps, music, and tissues. She also showed us how to make a concertina book for our work.

We were told to bring various leaves and objects to make makes on the pads.

The art was approached with enthusiasm and soon produced a variety of small pictures. A number of members were excited about following up this type of art  printing and painting in the future.

The deli pads are available at many art stores and I found that Lawrences Art in Hove had discounted many of their geli pads for those interested in following up with this delightful way of painting.

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Dupont 2021 Art Exhibition. A Wonderful Success!

The Dupont Art Club has just completed a successful Annual Art Exhibition. Our Chair could not have put it more succinctly in his following recap.

“We were a little concerned about our Art Show, as we were holding it in October not August and were still in the Covid Pandemic. But, as we had 110 pictures on show and 440 visitors, it was a wonderful success, so we need not have worried!
I was extremely pleased of the high standard of the art work, a number of visitors remarked on what a great selection of quality artwork we were showing.

The Dupont shop looked stunning and made sales of over £450, our thanks go to Tina Stiles O’Brien and Judy Alexander who organised the shop.

Our special thanks go to Judy, not only for manning the shop over the three days, but also for providing her credit card reader which enabled us to sell pictures and gifts paid for on line.

We sold 13 pictures, one visitor bought 3! And because of their high standard of work, Victor Perkins and Carol Cleveland both received a commission for a new painting.

So thank you all those that took part and helped with manning the show, in particular the new members who joined us recently.

Once again the competition to select the Dupont artist of the year was the highlight.
Zoella Reardon was the runner up with her painting “Autumn”. Congratulations Zoella. I hope you enjoy the wine.

The Dupont artist of the year and the winner of the Dupont cup was Victor Perkins with his drawing “Leena”. Congratulations Victor.

“Leena” by Victor Perkins

He was presented with a bottle of champagne and a certificate to record his win.


Numbers at sessions are increasing every week with many new members; they are very welcome and hopefully will be able to take part in next year’s Art Show.”

John Hird.

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The Dupont Art Club starts the annual Dupont Art Exhibition on October 21 to 23rd from 10 to 5 daily. The art is amazing and the art shop has such a great selection of crafts, jewellery, cards, pottery, textiles and more. Check out some recent publications from our members who have had a number of great books printed.
There will be plenty of photos for you to view tomorrow so come and see us personally or check out what you might be missing here on our website.

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Watercolour Landscape Techniques

Watercolour Landscape Techniques

Our instructor Caroline Marsland leads us through a demo every other Wednesday at the Dupont Art Club. This week she gave a demonstration on how to paint a loose, different landscape.
Materials used: Watercolour paper, salt, clingfilm, candle Wax, scratching materials, various paintbrushes.
She started our drawing out white areas with candle wax which blocked out the background.

She proceeded to paint in the landscape background with watery watercolour which she covered in clingfilm. She crunched it up once laying it down on the wet watercolour. In other areas she painted in watercolour and added course and fine salt. These were all left to dry.

Once dry, the cling film was removed along with brushing off the salt crystals. She splattered back into some areas and scratched back into others.These techniques have left the watercolour mottled.
She painted detail back into smudged areas and added more darkened areas to bring out the lighter areas.

Enjoy playing with ease techniques.

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Dupont AGM Aug 12,2021

Members of Dupont Art Club have their AGM Aug12,2021 followed by a two week summer break.
We resume a brand new year in September 1st. The classes will be on Wednesdays at 130-4 and Thursday morning 10-1230. Their will be instructors at both classes and live models at the Thursday class. Artists at all levels of expertise are welcome. We look forward to having new members join us at Ventnor Hall on Blatchington Road and George street in Hove.

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Dupont is Waiting for Approval to Open Again

We have had to close again for the past few weeks due to the recent lockdown. During the last opening we had up to 15 people enjoying art again at DuPont with distance. We hope to see you again soon. While you wait, check out our you tube page for recent videos from our talented instructors.
At present we are waiting to see when Ventnor Hall will be open for us and will let you know as soon as that happens.

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