Art Club has secured a new venue in which to display members art on an exclusive basis. It is the Jolliffees Coffee Shop located in the north lanes Kensington Gardens area.

Jolliffe’s Coffee Shop is situated at 35 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN14AL and has ideal hanging space over two floors. Kensington Gardens is situated in the heart of the North Laines and a very busy area. We will be having a viewing party on the evening of December 3rd from 6-8pm. Dupont members and their friends are invited. Coffee, tea and wine will be available for sale and munchies served.

New art has been hung on November 16th by our tireless team of Tina Stiles, Judy Alexander (and husband Christopher) and Jane Jukes. and is now OPEN! Due to time restraints, it was exclusively hung but starting in February members of the Dupont Art Club will be able to have their paintings hung for sale. There is a sign up book at the club registration desk for inclusion in the next show.

MARK your diary for our OPENING PARTY on December 3rd!





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