Dupont supports the Rendezvous Cafe and Gallery

Dupont Art Club is a very active member of the Brighton and Hove Arts Council. This spring, the council entered into an agreement with the new Rendezvous Cafe and Gallery to show art from it’s seven member organisations on an ongoing basis. The art is juried by the experts at the Council and is for sale to the public. This is a great opportunity for artists who wish to show art in a gallery. The Rendezvous is excellently located in the heart of the Lanes in Brighton. It is a very high end cafe with excellent cakes and light lunches.

Recently Tina Stiles-O’Brien, the council member responsible for the Rendezvous,  and Judy Alexander from Dupont Art Club  were found painting outside the Rendezvous while owner Shaun plied them and passers by with samples of delightful specialist drinks available inside.


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