Dupont Cashier Checklist

1. Arrive at Ventnor hall early to set up. 2. A member of the committee should be there to open up the cupboard that holds the folder, cash book, cash box and box 3. Check the float – it should contain £50 or what is stated in the bag. 4. Write your name in the cash book .. and next to it write cashier 5. Also write your name on the cash sheet ( found in the green folder) 6. As members arrive and pay, write their names and amount they are paying:…..£5 per session + £3 for the model + paper 7. After the break, collect the tea money from the bowl (50p each) and enter the total in the cash book and cash sheet. 8. After break check that you have entered all the data on the cash sheet and cash book. 9. From the ‘box’ take out the receipt book and write the receipts for the tutor (£45 plus any parking costs and material costs) and the model (£25). Also put the cash aside for them and ask them to sign the receipt and take the top copy. 10. Check that the accounts balance. Ask a committee member for assistance if it doesn’t balance after a second check. 11. Place the excess cash in a cash bag and write the amount. Wednesday cashier…. have £20 for Charlie put in a cash bag with Charlie written in the bag. Leave it in the cash box for Thursday. Thursday afternoon cashier… leave float and ‘excess’ cash in the cash box. ASK another member if you are not sure about any of this!! You do not pay for the session if you are a cashier for that day. Dupont Cashier Checklist Dupont Cashier