The Rendevous Cafe and Gallery continues to be the  venue housing the art of members of the Brighton and Hove Arts Council. This means that juried pieces from Dupont will now be considered. Tina Stiles is the contact person and can be emailed.

Our Annual Dupont Art Exhibition will be held on August18, 19, and 20th, 2016 at Ventnor Hall, Hove.  Further details will be forth coming.

Jolliffees cafe continues to hang art from Dupont Art Club artists. This is hung for periods of three months. The next change in hanging will be in June 2016. Please contact Tina Stiles to list your art with her.

Brighton Fringe Festival’ Artist Open Houses

A number of our members are showing their art at various open houses during the month of May. These open houses are opened on weekends commencing April 31st.. Below is a list of members who are involved. Please make a point of visiting these open houses to enjoy the art and support our members.

Patcham Arts: Patcham Community Center, Ladies Mile Road, BN18TA

Judy Alexander, Sue Taylor

Oxford Street Studio: 19 Oxford Street, Brighton BN14LA

Caroline Marsland, Judy Alexander, Tina Stiles-O’Brien, Carol Cleveland.

Lawrences Art Studio

Lucy Parker, Caroline Marsland, Jane Jukes