Buildings in Watercolour 4th January 2017

The New Year’s first demonstration by Caroline was a most helpful and interesting series of practical demos and tips:

When painting distant building, not much detail is needed, just use little marks. Use just a suggestion of windows showing highlights and keep it simple. Score the windows first, and then put a wash on, allowing the paint to sink in.

There is no need to detail each brick. Just use texture by dropping in colour and letting it bleed.

Straight lines are not a necessity, as some old buildings have settled.

Artists presented were David Curtis, Ray Campbell-Smith and Alexander Creswell.


Using a birthday cake candle, Caroline drew in a few bricks and washed over with a reddish colour, then splashing over with a darker hue.

Paint in suggestions of bricks on a wall; allow to dry and then wash over.

Put on a wash of brown and a darker colour, then another colour, keeping it wet. Scratch in so that the paint will run into the scratches.


Caroline again used the candle, drawing the outline of a window. She then filled in the window frames with suggestions of reflections and put washes on the bottom of the window and around it.

Windows can be half shaded, to show the direction of light.

This session was a very useful simplification of cityscape painting and drawing, for those who feel challenged by the detail of buildings!

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