Dupont Video Workshops

Our two excellent instructors, Lucy Parker and Caroline Marsland are continuing to educate us through Dupont’s You Tube workshops until the end of October! This is an excellent way to keep your painting skills up.

Please click on the link below and start painting.

Dupont Video Workshops 

If you have any comments or would like advice, please contact the tutor

Lucy Parker

Caroline Marsland



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The Winner of the Dupont Art Club’s 2020 on line Art Exhibition is Natasha Owen for her mixed media painting Foamy

Runner up was Victor Perkins for his Acrylic painting Beckets Mate

Second Runner up was Wendy Webb for her pastel painting Teddy

Congratulations to each of them and thank you to the hundreds of viewers who cast votes for their favourite painting in this years Annual Dupont Art Exhibition.

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Dupont Art Club Exhibition Results

Thank you to the hundreds of viewers who cast votes for their favourite painting in this year’s Annual Art Exhibition which took place on line. We are proud to announce the winner and runners up.

Winner: Natasha Owen for Foamy, with her mixed media. painting. Natasha wins a bottle of champagne and the Dupont cup for a year.

The Runner Up is Victor Perkins for Beckets’s Mate, with his acrylic painting. Victor wins a bottle of wine and a certificate


The second Runner-up is Wendy Webb for Teddy, with her pastel painting. Wendy wins a bottle of wine and a certificate.

Congratulations to all prize winners. The competition and exhibition have been a resounding success. We thank everyone who took part, entering their work or voting.

All the pictures will now be transferred to the Gallery Page of the website. Anyone who would like to purchase a piece of art can send an email to with their contact details and they will be put in contact with the artist.

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As sessions at Dupont have been suspended we have asked our two Tutors to design and produce video art lessons.

We have established a Dupont YouTube page so we can post the videos where they can easily be seen.

You can watch them right through or just look at part each day.

Each video has a title so you can select the video you want to watch.

New videos will be put on our YouTube page over the next few weeks.

So please keep checking

Please click on the link below and start painting.

Dupont Video Workshops


If you have any comments or would like advice please contact the Tutor

Lucy Parker

Caroline Marsland

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Dupont to Temporarily Close and go ONLINE!

We have been reading the Government instructions and recommendation regarding Covid-19 and the actions organizations should take. Having listened also to comments from members, we have decided the time has come to close the club with immediate effect.

We do this reluctantly as we know many members see their time at Dupont as an important part of their week.

Not knowing how long the situation will last, and because we want to stay in touch with our members, we are looking at setting up “Dupont Art On-line” using our website. Our tutors are working on programmes and demonstrations which will be available to members, providing an ongoing link with Dupont. As soon as we have more information we will be in touch.

In the meantime, check out our posts
below from Carolyn’s demos and have a little practice with them.

Thank you for your support, please stay safe during this very difficult time.

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BHAC Poster & Flyer Competition

Brighton and Hove Arts Council Art Show

22nd to 25th April 2020

Once again we are looking for two pictures to use in the publicity for the Art Show.

One picture will be used on the oyster and flyer and in our Social media activities, the other on the Private view flyer.

This is a very important part of the  publicity so this year there will be a bottle of champagne for the two artists who are selected. Those will be presented to the Private View.

All Dupont Members are invited to take part.

Pictures should be sent to as soon as possible. The closing date is Monday 3rd February.

The two winners will be selected by the entire Exective Committee of BHAC.This usually takes quite a while, and as everyone seems to have a favourite picture, it usually ends by taking a vote.

We encourage all of our members to get involved with this.

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Ode to Autumn Watercolour Workshop

Artistic Ode to Autumn – Watercolour Workshop  

Thursday 7th November 2019

This workshop will focus on using watercolour in traditional and contemporary ways, to paint still life with an autumnal flavour.

We will be looking at techniques to paint leaves, twigs, conkers, pumpkins, squashes, berries and all things autumnal.

Also included will be tips on background choices and colour mixing.

There will be six separate still life displays to choose from, but you are welcome to bring your own items if you wish.

Session 1: 10 am – 12 .30

This session will work in traditional painting techniques including layering.

Session 2:   1.30 – 4 pm

This session will be working on loose painting techniques.

Paper will be available to buy from the club stock, but you may bring your own.

Please register on the booking sheet on the notice board at Ventnor.

Fee: £10 per session

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Dupont Exhibition a Success!

Our annual Dupont Art Exhibition was a great success this year. We had 477 people visit with over £1100.00 sold in pictures and over £500 in cards and gifts. This was above previous years totals.

Peoples choice award was awarded to Terri Micklam with her painting ‘Mrs. Cluckworth is watching you”. The runner-up was Diana Fabris with her painting of Dame Judy Dench.

Dupont starts their fall schedule off on Wednesday, September 4th and Thursday Sept 5th. There was much interest in joining the club shown at our exhibition so we hope to see many of you there.



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