Art Demo with Hashim Akib

On February 18th over two dozen members of Dupont spent an informative and captivating afternoon watching Essex Artist, Hashim Akib paint a city scene in just over two hours while explaining his painting style and process and answering questions.

He startled us with the vibrant fuchsia background colour he had chosen. He then proceeded to quickly paint the background with a five, four then three ¬†inch paddle brushes which were liberally dabbed in multiple colours of acrylic paint. It wasn’t until the finishing touch were made that he resorted to his smallest brush which was one inch.

The talk was free and enlightening with many ideas given to members. There were copies of his work and cards for sale to members as well. He also brought three other finished paintings which he showed to us.

All in all, an enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

IMG_0969 IMG_0958 IMG_0962 IMG_0967 IMG_0987

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